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Ameristar Mfg. Quality

Ameristar Mfg. has built a reputation for success over the last 108 years by dedicating its focus to producing quality products. Our Quality Assurance Staff is capable of measuring tolerances down to “.001” and commonly deals with restrictions in the “.005-.035 Range.” Repeatability is no longer an issue with our CMM Measuring Capability.

Ameristar Mfg. is an ISO Certified Company, and is continuously implanting process improvements though age tested corrective action procedures. When issues occur Ameristar Mfg. is dedicated to finding the root cause, and implementing resolutions that eliminate the risk of future occurrence.

All of our produced parts receive a Pre-Production Review. This includes utilizing department leads to provide their input on inspection methods, check gauges, and or routing notes that may reduce the risk of future error. These part reviews can also be conducted with our customers as a free service to suggest, revise, and potentially reduce part cost.

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Ameristar Mfg. Quality Department Capabilities Include:

First Article Reports

ROHS Compliance Documentation

Control Plans

Corrective Action and 8D Resolution

Material Certifications

In Process Inspection Plans

Process Improvement

CMM Measurement

Optical Inspection

Edge Sharpness Testing

Digital Height Gauges

Micrometer Inspection