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Metal Stamping of Electrical Brackets for the Electronics Industry

Electrical Brackets Metal Stamping

AmeriStar provides many different styles and shapes of brackets to the Electronics industry. This is just one example. In smaller quantities brackets can be cut from a variety of methods – using turrets, lasers, or stage tooling – then formed. Forming in small quantities can be done on press brakes and can be done using forming stage tooling. In larger quantities, AmeriStar has a complete tool room manufacturing tooling in house including progressive dies stamping complex shaped brackets, such as this, in large quantities at very high speeds. After the parts were stamped and formed, all nuts and studs were welded into position.

The type of material used in each bracket differed based on the brackets’ intended use. These brackets were made of brass, tin plated with special hardware then silver soldered.

The orders, which were as small as 50 pieces, with some larger orders in quantities of tens of thousands per shipment, were completed and delivered in 4 weeks to the client’s Los Angeles location.

To learn more about this stamping project, please see the details below. For more information about our other services, please contact AmeriStar.


Metal Stamping Project Highlights

Product Name Electrical Brackets
Project Scope
  • Design provided by our customer, per customer’s specifications
  • Sheet metal that is stamped as a flat blank layout, then either press brake formed or forming stamped
  • PEM Nuts, Studs, Nuts can be either press fit or welded (resistance welded or MIG or TIG) into position.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Stamping
  • Press Brake forming
  • Inserting of hardware (Autosert Equipment)
Tightest Tolerance +/-.005″
Material Type Cold Rolled Steel or Stainless Steel or Aluminum or Galvanized
Material Thickness From .040″ thick to .250″ thick Steel Sheet Stock
Product Length From pieces as small as .5″ x .5″ x1″ to as large as 3 feet long by 3 feet wide
Secondary Operations Applied Inserting of hardware (Autosert Equipment)
Industry for Use Electronics/Electrical
Tooling Cost $250 – $500
Standards Met Customer supplied design and prints
Volume From 50 piece orders to 5000 pieces per order
Delivery Time 4 weeks
Delivery Location Los Angeles, CA