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Metal Stamping of Cold Rolled Steel Access Controls Cover for the Military Industry

Access Controls CoversAmeriStar stamped this military\defense industry access controls cover from coil fed .036 Aluminum. This part features a shallow drawn area shown in the center of this part photo, along with the part number stamped into each piece. Finally, the access covers were given a yellow chromate finish.

After manufacturing, the parts were inspected and then individually bubble wrapped and taped to ensure there was no part-to-part contact.

The order was completed and delivered to the client’s Dallas, Texas location in 6 weeks. For more information about this stamping project, please see the details below. To learn about our other services, please contact AmeriStar.


Metal Stamping of Cold Rolled Steel Project Highlights

Product Name Access/Controls Cover
Project Scope
  • Stamp Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) from coil
  • Multiple stamped hits to shallow draw the indented center panel
  • Cut six (6) holes
  • Part number stamped into the center of each piece
  • Yellow Chromate finish
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Metal Stamping from coil fed material
  • Part number stamping
  • Finished and Plated
Tightest Tolerance +/-.005″
Material Type .036 Aluminum
Material Thickness .036 thick Cold Rolled Steel
Product Length 6″
Product Width 4″
Material Finish Yellow Chromate
Resistances The plated finish will preserve and protect the Aluminum for the life of the part.
Packaging Each panel, so as to insure the very pristine cosmetic nature of the part, is individually bubble wrapped and taped so as to insure no part-to-part contact that might scratch each part
Industry for Use Defense/Military
Tooling Cost $2500
Standards Met
  • Customer supplied design and prints
  • Material Certifications (strictly sourced in the U.S. for Military purposes)
  • Finishing/Plating process compliant with Military Specs and certified to comply with requirements
Volume 250 pieces per order
Delivery Time 6 weeks
Delivery Location Dallas, Texas